Dear Health Care Professionals

UN Mediways is Marketer of Technologycally advanced nutrition for infant and adult. We are pioneer in the field of specialty nutrtion.
For over 3 years, We have been working for little angles and continuing Expanding our services in tablet and Syrup Segment.
UN Mediways is at top among few for which an Indian people can take pride for Indian origin quality products with International standards. Within a very short span we emerged as most trusted and acceptable brand iin Indian Health Care Ecosystem.
We are pleased to serve you with our best to ensure that no children and pregnant / lactating women shall be denied to access high quality and affordable nutrition & support. The company will stand at the center of nutrional requirements for newborns.
Let’s join hands together to meet nutrition requirements of every indian.

UN Mediways
“Doctors Trusted Mediways”

Our Mission

At UN Mediways, our mission is to empower children and their families by providing innovative and effective growth medicine solutions. We are committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to reach their full growth potential and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Core Values:

Child-Centric Approach: We put the needs and well-being of children at the forefront of everything we do. Our solutions are designed with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of childhood growth.

Scientific Excellence: We are dedicated to advancing medical research and leveraging cutting-edge scientific knowledge to develop safe and effective growth medicines. Our team of experts constantly explores new possibilities, pushing the boundaries of pediatric medicine.

Quality and Safety: We prioritize the highest standards of quality and safety in all aspects of our operations. From research and development to manufacturing and distribution, we adhere to stringent protocols to ensure the integrity and reliability of our products.

Collaboration: We believe that success is built on collaboration and partnership. We actively engage with healthcare professionals, researchers, and regulatory bodies to foster a network of knowledge sharing and support. By working together, we can achieve better outcomes for children worldwide.

Accessibility: We strive to make our growth medicines accessible to all children who need them, regardless of geographical or socioeconomic barriers. We actively explore affordability programs, partnerships, and initiatives to increase access and reduce disparities in pediatric healthcare.

Ethical Responsibility: We uphold the highest ethical standards in our business practices. Integrity, transparency, and accountability are fundamental principles guiding our interactions with stakeholders, ensuring that we make responsible decisions that benefit children and their families.