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Brain Development

Formulated with DHA along with folic acid, iron, Choline and Taurin that supposrts brain growth and development


Growth & Mass Development

Contains high quality of protein blend & carbohydrates that supports muscle mass and growth in children


strong bones

Contains nutrients that supports bone growth


Immunity & Health digestion

Contains immuno-nutrients like Vit A, C, E, Zinc, Selenium and copper which help to increse immunity

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Optimum Protein

UN Mediways

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What is the goal of infant nutrition?

The goal of infant nutrition is to promote optimal growth and development by providing a variety of nutritious foods. Babies need to be gradually exposed to a variety of tastes and textures geared to their developmental level.

Are infant nutritional needs the same as adult needs?

No. Infants have their own unique nutritional and developmental needs. Adult dietary guidelines for fat, protein, fiber, sugars and other nutrients should not be applied to infants and young children.

Are processed baby foods as nutritious as home prepared baby food?

Yes. As part of the infant diet, processed baby foods provide balance and variety with a carefully controlled and consistent nutrient content.

Are starch fillers used in baby food?

Starches are easily digested carbohydrates, which may be present in baby foods in the form of flour (corn, wheat, rice), tapioca or rice. Whether added or a component of food, starches provide an important source of calories for growing infants. Food starches also help to moderate flavor and control texture. The Food and Drug Administration has determined that food starches are safe and suitable for use in baby foods, and requires that they be listed on the food label.

physical Growth

Triple blend of casein, whey, & soy protein isolate (SUPRO®) along with Vitamin D & Calcium helps in bone growth of children.


Immunity Support

Contains Vit C, Zinc, Vit A and other micronutrients that aid in boosting immunity to reduce infections in children.


Brain Development

DHA enriched formulation with Iron that helps in Brain Development in growing children.


Digestion Support

Dual strain of Probiotics accompanied with Dual fiber helps make UN Mediways®easy on a child’s gut.


High Protein

Contains Triple Blend Protein with PDCAAS$ 1 that helps build and maintain vital tissues like bones & muscles to support growth.


ICMR Compliance

Meets Regular Dietary Allowance (RDA) as per Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Guidelines set for Indian children (2010).

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Dear Health Care Professionals

UN Mediways is Marketer of Technologycally advanced nutrition for infant and adult. We are pioneer in the field of specialty nutrtion.
For over 3 years, We have been working for little angles and continuing Expanding our services in tablet and Syrup Segment.
UN Mediways is at top among few for which an Indian people can take pride for Indian origin quality products with International standards. Within a very short span we emerged as most trusted and acceptable brand iin Indian Health Care Ecosystem.
We are pleased to serve you with our best to ensure that no children and pregnant / lactating women shall be denied to access high quality and affordable nutrition & support. The company will stand at the center of nutrional requirements for newborns.
Let’s join hands together to meet nutrition requirements of every indian.

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